SENTENARYO – UP Cebu’s 100 Years


University of the Philippines-Cebu is celebrating its 100 years. I spent my first year in Fine Arts Major in Painting in the memorable campus located in Lahug-Cebu city. I could not help but look back on that year of which i felt home ( kaon pongko-pongko, brown gate Room 222 ). After Graduating in Economics in Xavier University, i spent a year island hopping and exploring Philippines which led me to decide my second degree in the arts. I did not regret that decision as it made me the person that i am today. The following academic year, i pursued my second year onwards in UP-Diliman but i brought with me my year long experience in Cebu.

The artwork i exhibited for the Sentenaryo is a Cauterized Bible pages on acrylic painted Canvas. Its about transforming biblical passages into diary entries. These diary entries are reflections from my travels in 22 countries. For more info about this artwork, you may click this link : Palanay Art Project.

 So if your free, you may visit the Opening today at Jose Joya Gallery. Exhibit Runs until June.



If i cannot bring the world to Mindanao… might as well bring Mindanao to the world. I was exploring performative possibilities in my diary of my experience with the Manobo Tigwahanon tribe in Bukidnon-Philippines. Transforming their cultural belief of the good and bad spirit ritual into a conceptual approach. The said artistic performance in the Fine Arts Museum of Anger in France was meditatively interactive and it also touches movements in kali-escrima-panantukan and balintawak. Maka-nosebleed noh? Bitaw oiy… nagsugba ra bitaw mi unya naluto rapud pero duuuuuuuuuugay! Tatouage facial permanent! Gaidou ca serait bien pour toi!! T’en penses quoi?

The context also of the place resonates as we were surrounded with Neoclassical and Romantic paintings. The Filipino martial arts movement was accompanied by a recording of a pig screaming as it is being sacrificed. Part also of the performance was a touch of reflective pause all along and an impromptu speech in bisaya. The symbols are from the early writings of Filipinos known as “baybayin” , symbols from the burial jars found in Mindanao and my personal interpretation of it. Medjo, nibasa gamay akong ilok paghoman pero kaya-kaya ra, dili man hinoon kaayo halang sa mata…sseeeeeeeyyyyyyyy. Madame Marrick, prepares toi pour notre entranement de Kali. Ne tinquietes pas pour le visage…

Apart from this performance, i was moved to  make drawings and writings of my research day before in Paris and day after in my hotel room in Angers. I would like to thank people also who along the way helped me to make this 30 minute performance a reality. Curator Iola Lenzi for opening doors for me to visit Angers with Josephine Turalba. Christine Besson, Violaine Bougere and all the staff of Musee D’Angers  for the opportunity to showcase my roots. Alain Sery and Danny Vedua for my Kali and Balintawak training. Dan Azoulay for the voice over. Compagnie Acte II for the support. Frederic Schwarcz for the space to practice and Morgane Quiguer for performing with me. Ug salamat pud sa imo… Oo! Ikaw mismo!! Sa pagbasa ani na diary blog. 

To know more about Filipino Martial Arts click my Bar Code Diary Art Project. To know more about the Manobo, you may browse Meupia Art Project in this website. Feel free to share this website to your friends. You may also subscribe to my Youtube Channel or follow my Instagram Post

Cette performance sera a nouveau presenter au PL Pilier-Rouge de Brest le 17 fvrier 2018 19h30 loccasion des 10 ans de la Compagnie Acte II et dans le cadre du repas caritatif au profit du projet franco-philippin MEUPIA. Renseignements et reservation ladresse





I grew up in a neighborhood where 2 blocks away is a Catholic Church and my mother never miss a morning mass since she was 10. Behind our house is a Baptist Church where you would hear their drums and instruments sing songs of praise. A block away on the other side is a Mosque where the call to prayer echoes 5 times a day. Here i am in Istanbul-Turkey where accordingly there are approximately 3,000 Mosque. The only city in the world where one part is Asia and the other side is Europe. Yep, the bridge is the link between two continents. Bidats!!! Murag Nazareth bah… amo kai 9th street… then ang pikas kai 11th  street… so asa ang 10th street? Aw sa math pa “given”! Istanbul… LE REVE: Des Kebbab pas chers partout !!!

It was not difficult to find a Bible in Istanbul. In fact, i had the freedom to select the best one in the bookstore… So i transformed the general book into something personal. A Bible into a diary.  Apres 10 minutes dexplications avec le vendeur qui ne parlait ni francais, ni anglais, ni espagnol nous nous sommes finalement compris… Ce vendeur musulman a fini par faire le signe de croix et nous nous sommes mis a rire ensemble… Ahahahaha…

The best part of my journey was my experience inside the Blue Mosque. The intimate lighting and hand-painted motif was simply amazing with it’s lavish red carpet. I was speechless… it was indeed a reflective pause for me… I could not help but wonder how this 400 year old historic Mosque reminded me of a similar feeling within when i entered Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Deeeeeeeeeep kaayo ting! Ma wa man sad ta ting!! Deeep kai ting!!!

And the massive dome of Hagia Sophia caught my attention of the 916 years of Byzantine prescence and a glimpse of the 478 years of Islamic existence. Yep, the two religion harmoniously collide though its Byzantine Mosaics and Islamic calligraphy. This Church and Mosque is a historical testament of its co-existence. Seeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!! Dili ra kaayo pangka na gipaningot akong ilok. Comme la culture le veut, j avais 5 femmes a Istanbul. Je vais pouvoir donner plein de petits enfants a Ninie et Gege. Merci Morgane. Merci Atahana . Merci Sandra. Merci Marie.

I was inspired to do a new series of my notepad diaries. Writing my experience with some scribbles on the side of my 21st city out of 40 cities worldwide in my list. Sa cge nakog biyahe… ugma Bulad ug sardinas na among sod-an.         D apres Manine mes oeuvres sont speciales 🙂 Plus de dessins de vagins pour le quart d’heure.

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Je serai au Musee des Beaux Arts d Angers pour une performance artistique le 31 janvier prochain 18h30 et 19h30. Vous y etes les bienvenus.





I first heard of it as a story in my growing years… but it did not caught my attention… i was too young to see beyond. One afternoon, i was about 9 years old and my mother bought a lot of second-hand books from our neighbor’s garage sale as they were migrating to the States… so here i was, browsin’ through the images on the books and i randomly flipped on an image of Machu Picchu. BIDATS!!! Napukaw akong pisot na pagbati… L’ambiance etait incroyable… et pendant ce temps les moustiques ete occupes a me devorer.

As i was told ” Dreams are free, it’s just asking yourself when do you want it to happen ” so this is my 20th destination out of 40 key cities worldwide. I’m exploring visual and narrative possibilities in my Diary Artworks through cauterization. I bought a bible in Cusco-Peru and transform it into a diary. Yep, i burn letter by letter and whatever is left becomes my diary of the day. OOOhhh…. wag mag strong-strong! Ginawa ko lang diary ang bible… heheheh. Oh la laaahhh! Au top! Tranquille!! Pas enerve mon ami ca fait parti du voyage.

Oftentimes, you would be amaze by your travel and thinking of living-in but there are few places in my travel that the place itself is telling me that i am home and Ollantaytambo is one of the few… It made me feel at home and it moved me to stay longer. Deeeeeep kaayo ting! J‘ai prolonge mon sejour Ollantaytambo car je m’y suis senti comme la maison… cf. Nazareth, 3 allee du Bot, Rue Hippolyte Maindron… heheheh.

So i wrote down random thoughts in my head and use my penmanship as final work in itself and draw along some images of my day and combined them like motif. I call it notepad diary series. SSSeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!! Kuris-Kuris gud pareha adtong mga sulat sulat nako sa ding ding katong gamay pako. Oups! Belle photo… ca me rappelle que mes chaussures me viennent de ma Belle Mere preferee  et mon pull de mes amis Hugues et Patxi. Hihihi…

Peru is Amazing! The Peruvians are wonderful people and i will not forget every detail of this experience.

For further details of my cauterized artwork, you may visit Palanay Art Project page in this website. For Notepad Diary series I have an upcoming Solo show In Paris on July 10, 2018 at Pierre-Yves Caer Gallery (Paris).

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