A collaborative sequence of Various Artist into Vertical Bar and QR Code Diaries / Year: 2016


The bar code in general uses a sequence of vertical bars and spaces to represent numbers and other symbols. These are unnoticed images of lines and spaces morelikely affixed to retail store items,identification or location yet it opened an image in my head about the significance of bar code.


In my present environment here in Paris, my mode of expression through diary as an art form are oftentimes

followed by mere curiosity of my origin. An origin i am proud of at the same time eager to openly share and discuss it. Bar code diary art project is about transforming my personal experience in Kali and Muay-Thai into an artwork.

It contains all the conversations i had with them all along and my thoughts about it in Bisaya, English and French. It resembles a barcode with two vertical bent bars to signify the past, its rising recognition at present and its significance in the future. The barcode typically consist of five parts which includes a quiet zone of which i represented by two vertical bars of my experience in Bangkok-Thailand in 2013, a quiet zone represented by 8 vertical diary bars of my experience in understanding the art of 8 limbs through Dominiel “The Lion Heart” Eduave, a start character which lead me to try Kali-Eskrima-Panatukan with Alain Sry in Paris, a data characters of using thai writings along with filipino baybayin, another stop character with 2 bent bars symbolizing the rivalry that lead to the development of the art and another quiet zone which contains my personal thoughts in my experience with them.

I installed it underground as a symbolic metaphor of its lineage as well as giving recognition of its humble tradition being taught in backyards, open spaces and oftentimes in basement. I do not consider myself an expert on this topic but i would like to use my creative thoughts to adress these thoughts in my head. It’s a humbling experience to know deeper my Asian culture and my Filipino Heritage… so i wrote my experience and used my penmanship and pointilism in the process of my artwork.



Moreover, the art project grew when i met David Medalla and Josephine Turalba in Rome. I started to make QR code Diary Series. I asked them to right their names and their place of origin. We then created a line drawing together and i transformed it into a QR code diary filled with our personal conversations and moments together. I used my penmanship along with drawings in the process of the said series.

As of the moment, i collaborated with Gaston Damag, Lou Lim, Renata Andrade, Kiri Dalena, Shireen Seno, Charles-Henry de Pimodan and Carlo Mabilen. The works were exhibited in London Biennale: Manila Pollinationin 2016.


Frederic Schwarcz / AFCAD XIII

And to all individuals who voluntarily shared their time and effort to be part of this art project… i shall be forever grateful.