Transforming french antique mirror frames into contemporary paintings and portraits. / Year: 2022

Dossier “Mixed Inter-Mix” en Francais


Project “Mixed Inter-Mix” is about identity. It talks about individuals who are in between 2 cultures or more, of people embracing dual citizenship, of persons working and living in a foreign country embracing it as their home. This are also stories of immigrants, refugee and people being born in a MiXED family or simply INTERnally mixing a new culture.

It appealed to me because i will be embracing dual citizenship as a Filipino Born – French Artist. Moreover, art is known to be the mirror of the soul, so I buy french antique mirror frames and transform them into an artwork. I use paints and blend it with Mindanao Fabrics to make the artwork. Apart from transforming an antique Mirror frame as a clear reflection of the persons character, the concept of repainting it signify the duality of his/her past and present.

The stylized image of the subject is actually the top view image of an ancient cave in Mindanao which i transform into a contemporary portrait. I then transform their stories or significant experiences into signs and symbols. The abundance of paints overlaping the frame is a manifestation of going beyond frame stereotype of every culture.

The project started with contemporary portrais and now moving towards narrative artworks.