I grew up in a neighborhood where 2 blocks away is a Catholic Church and my mother never miss a morning mass since she was 10. Behind our house is a Baptist Church where you would hear their drums and instruments sing songs of praise. A block away on the other side is a Mosque where the call to prayer echoes 5 times a day. Here i am in Istanbul-Turkey where accordingly there are approximately 3,000 Mosque. The only city in the world where one part is Asia and the other side is Europe. Yep, the bridge is the link between two continents. Bidats!!! Murag Nazareth bah… amo kai 9th street… then ang pikas kai 11th  street… so asa ang 10th street? Aw sa math pa “given”! Istanbul… LE REVE: Des Kebbab pas chers partout !!!

It was not difficult to find a Bible in Istanbul. In fact, i had the freedom to select the best one in the bookstore… So i transformed the general book into something personal. A Bible into a diary.  Apres 10 minutes dexplications avec le vendeur qui ne parlait ni francais, ni anglais, ni espagnol nous nous sommes finalement compris… Ce vendeur musulman a fini par faire le signe de croix et nous nous sommes mis a rire ensemble… Ahahahaha…

The best part of my journey was my experience inside the Blue Mosque. The intimate lighting and hand-painted motif was simply amazing with it’s lavish red carpet. I was speechless… it was indeed a reflective pause for me… I could not help but wonder how this 400 year old historic Mosque reminded me of a similar feeling within when i entered Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Deeeeeeeeeep kaayo ting! Ma wa man sad ta ting!! Deeep kai ting!!!

And the massive dome of Hagia Sophia caught my attention of the 916 years of Byzantine prescence and a glimpse of the 478 years of Islamic existence. Yep, the two religion harmoniously collide though its Byzantine Mosaics and Islamic calligraphy. This Church and Mosque is a historical testament of its co-existence. Seeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!! Dili ra kaayo pangka na gipaningot akong ilok. Comme la culture le veut, j avais 5 femmes a Istanbul. Je vais pouvoir donner plein de petits enfants a Ninie et Gege. Merci Morgane. Merci Atahana . Merci Sandra. Merci Marie.

I was inspired to do a new series of my notepad diaries. Writing my experience with some scribbles on the side of my 21st city out of 40 cities worldwide in my list. Sa cge nakog biyahe… ugma Bulad ug sardinas na among sod-an.         D apres Manine mes oeuvres sont speciales ūüôā Plus de dessins de vagins pour le quart d’heure.

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