University of the Philippines-Cebu is celebrating its 100 years. I spent my first year in Fine Arts Major in Painting in the memorable campus located in Lahug-Cebu city. I could not help but look back on that year of which i felt home ( kaon pongko-pongko, brown gate Room 222 ). After Graduating in Economics in Xavier University, i spent a year island hopping and exploring Philippines which led me to decide my second degree in the arts. I did not regret that decision as it made me the person that i am today. The following academic year, i pursued my second year onwards in UP-Diliman but i brought with me my year long experience in Cebu.

The artwork i exhibited for the Sentenaryo is a Cauterized Bible pages on acrylic painted Canvas. Its about transforming biblical passages into diary entries. These diary entries are reflections from my travels in 22 countries. For more info about this artwork, you may click this link : Palanay Art Project.

 So if your free, you may visit the Opening today at Jose Joya Gallery. Exhibit Runs until June.